Citizen NOT a Politician


The 6th district is made up of hard working families from the City of Walker, and the Upper West Side of Grand Rapids.  These people go to Sandy’s Donuts in the morning for coffee.  They get their cars serviced at the Westside Garage, and washed at the Walker Car Wash.  They go to Sobie Meats and pick something up to cook for dinner.  Then after dinner they take the family to the Double Dip Depot and treat them to ice cream.  The examples are numerous and there are so many great places in the district, but you get the idea.  Mike Milanowski Jr is one of these people just like you.  This is the type of person the 6th district needs on the County Commission a regular hard working citizen, not another politician that other elected officials are trying to place into office.

As County Commissioner Mike will fight for what is important for you, not for what his political friends want him to do.  In Mike this is what you will get:

1. Be fiscally responsible with tax payers money.  We are seeing too many local governments that have mismanaged money and over spent for years, and now they are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Kent County currently has a AAA bond rating and this needs to be protected.

2. Promote business growth and development for our changing and growing community.  We need to attract new businesses to the area, support the ones here, and encourage people to start a small business too.  With the community growing and new communities going in all over we need new job opportunities for these people.

3. Continue to maintain and build a strong infrastructure. Businesses are not going to come to the area if we have terrible roads. People are not going to move into neighborhoods that don’t have sidewalks for their kids to walk, or ride their bike to school.

4.  Build strong programs and services for our growing Senior population, and growing Veteran population.

5.  Strong leadership.  Leaders sometimes have to make tough decisions, not decisions based on what is popular or by being pressured by outside groups.

6.  Total transparency. 

On August 5th, lets put one of us into office.  Vote Mike Milanowski Jr for County Commissioner.